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Annecy 2013 – Day 6… The Winners Are In

Well, the festival is a wrap and the winners are in. Big night for Daniel Sousa from the USA who scooped 3 awards for his short Ferel. Really pleased to see Chris Landreth won best short overall for Subconscious Password, although I’m disappointed I didn’t manage to see it. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll get another chance sooner or later! Here are the winners, along with images from their films where I could find them… The Cristal for best feature Rio 2096, A Story of Love and Fury Directed by Luiz Bolognesi (Brazil) The Cristal for best short Subconscious Password Directed by Chris Landreth (Canada) The Cristal for best TV production Room on the Broom Directed by Jean Lachaeur and Max Lang

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Small Talk With The Borrowers

The old, and somewhat amusing cliche – it’s not size that counts – truly has meaning for The Borrowers. In their new movie somewhat originally titled The Borrowers, several thousand of them manage to overpower the wicked John Goodman’s hideous hair style. Although the Borrowers have appeared on the small screen many-a-time, this is their first big-screen performance, and as many of them as possible wanted to be a part of the movie. With some scenes containing large crowds of borrowers, you can imagine that the visual effects crew had a pretty hard time placing several hundred six-inch-tall actors seamlessly in the same shot! London based VFX house The Moving Picture Company was the main vendor on the movie, with The Magic Camera Company, Framestore and

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