Stop Reading, Start Writing

I hate Amazon. Every time I get into the swing of writing anything that might be halfway decent, I get an email from them about an amazing new book recommendation they have for me. It’s usually a book on writing or creativity. I buy a lot of that stuff.

After reading the synopsis and a couple of reviews I start to think that this might be the book that changes everything. I must put whatever I’m doing on hold until I’ve read it. My writing, in fact, my entire outlook on life will surely improve as a result.

Of course disappointment looms. It’s usually the same old shit rehashed by a different author. And now I’ve lost my momentum. Will I ever get it back?

I had a revelation this evening – fuck Amazon. I’m going cold turkey. I switched off those damn personalised emails to remove temptation (yes, you can do that), I’ve stored my Kindle safely out of sight in a drawer, and I’m avoiding direct eye contact with the book shelf.

Hopefully the pages will start flowing…