I was looking through the official selection for the Annecy Festival and noticed that Chris Landreth’s latest film Subconscious Password will be screening. I’ve been a fan of Landreth since 1998, when I saw a 3D animated short he directed called Bingo. At the time, he was working for Alias|Wavefront and the film was designed to show off the power of their new software Maya (it certainly caused a stir at the time, and for those not in the know, Maya went on to be snapped up by Autodesk and pretty much became industry standard).

Landreth’s other films include The End, which pre-dates Bingo and was nominated for an Oscar in 1995, and the more recent Ryan, which picked up the Oscar for Best Animated Short in 2004 (along with several other big awards).

I’m really excited about seeing his latest work at Annecy in June, but until then, here is a little blast from the past we can all enjoy…